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1 /     Do I have to be a good golfer to become a member of the club ?
Answer : The answer is no you don't. Many of our members have started as beginners. However to give you an idea of the maximum playing handicaps you can have each section has a suggested maximum of : Juniors 50, Ladies 36 and Men/Seniors 28. With a course Par of 70 you can gauge your ability by deducting those maximums from your total score. To play to that maximum you will need to have a net score of around 70. e.g. for Men  total score 98 - 28 strokes for handicap  = 70.  Over 50% of our Adult Membership falls in the 21-28 handicap category.

2 /  I will have to buy a season ticket and participate in many competitions to retain my handicap and playing rights !!!!.
Answer :  Ultimately the choice is yours,if you take a look at the following link you can see that you can tailor your golfing needs around the amount of golf you wish to play. You can even be a member and just play single round green fees if that suits your particular needs.  To keep a valid handicap from the 1/1/2010 the Golfing Union has stipulated that you only need to play in 3 handicap counting events per year.

3 /  I would like to become a member,but I don't feel I know enough about all the Rules and Regulations !!!!
Answer: Each month we have a New Members Induction evening here at the Club.  These meetings normally take place on the second Monday of each month (please contact Secretary in advance) at 18:30 in the bar area. It is a great opportunity for interested parties to come along and ask the Secretary as many questions as they like relating to any subject or element of golf club membership and the game itself. All new members receive a New Members Induction pack which includes a Rules of Golf  Book which they can use and refer to on the golf course.

4 / I would like to join but I don't really know a large enough group of existing members to play with !!!!!
Answer: New members are actively encouraged to join the Club Concessions which are used on various days throughout the week :
Men - Saturday & Sunday Mornings
Seniors - Monday Mornings
Ladies - Thursday Mornings

These concessions are blocks of times where only members can play,and have Organisers to make sure everyone gets a game.  This has proved invaluable to newer members especially in helping you attain your handicap cards. After you have been allocated your handicap you can play at any time of the day. However if you are playing in a competition your card needs to be marked by a fellow member. 

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